Frozen peppers


First posted on 9th November 2011 this is one of my favourite tips. I do this all the time and feel so smug!

So, with our doing this menu planning etc Dus and I know in advance what ingredients we'll need. So when we go to the supermarket and see a bargain pack of bell peppers we can't resist even if we know we're not using them for a week.

What I did was while another meal was cooking I washed and cut all of the peppers.

I cut most of the peppers into small chunks and 1 whole and 2 halves into strips. The bargain bags usually tend to have mostly green with one red and one yellow but this one was mostly red with one green and one yellow. We're not really that fussed as we like them all.

I tend to not be too fussy about the white inside as we don't eat them raw so tend not to notice it's there.

I spread the small chunks out onto a baking sheet and put the strips into a small freezeable container. (notice my handy cupboard bin there? I can sweep all my foodwaste into it while chopping then empty it into the food waste bin after. Genius...thanks Kleeneze!)

Anyway, then I covered the baking sheet to stave off freezer burn with some film then put it in the freezer overnight.

In the morning I popped the frozen pepper into a plastic tub for storing in the freezer. They're all individually frozen straight from fresh and can be cooked from frozen. Fab, what a way to use a bargain!

I have tried freezing them straight in the tub before and they just end up one large mass of pepper. They're tough to separate for use so this way is better for us as we can add a bit to each recipe we need without having to use the whole lump!

Do you freeze ready chopped veg? I love my freezer!

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  1. OMGoodness! Genious. I never knew how the stores got individual freezing. I always like to cut up veggies to freeze them as they go bad so fast ... but yes I always get the "lump". This is so perfect!

  2. Yes, excellent idea ! Love the cupboard bin toooo !!


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