I'm stone walling you


I'm not sure if that title's funny or just weird, what do you think? Is it weird?

Anyway, a few of you have talked with me about my big stone wall out the back. So seeing as we're hoping to move soon I thought I'd better take some photos of it and tell you all about it. Who says that blogs have to just be about interesting things, right?

So...the wall. Each of the houses in our terrace has two rooms downstairs and three rooms upstairs in the main house. On the back of each house there is a newer extension with kitchen then bathroom. Yes, downstairs, away from the bedrooms, as far as you can get on a cold winter's night when you're desperate to go.

If you stand looking at our house from the front, the neighbours on the right extension forms our right boundary wall in the lower back garden.

Our extension forms the right boundary wall for our left side neighbours. Here's the view of 'the wall' from our dining room.

Those steps lead up to our main garden which is a super steep slope as it's set into the mountainside. The main garden patio is about level with the bottom of our house roof.

This is the view out of our kitchen window above the sink. When Dusband's doing his washing up, this is what he gets to see.

On the wall there is a rusty old iron hook. I don't know what it's for, I don't know why it was put there. I do know that it's a handy place to photograph bags when you need to hang them outside for a photo.

 This is the back of our house with the kitchen on the right, the dining room window directly in front, the neighbour's kitchen on the left, my strawberry plants on the ground and a half dead poinsettia on the windowsill.  Yes, and an empty crisp packet someone saw fit to throw on the ground somewhere and the wind brought it into our garden. No I didn't think to pick it up before taking photos.

The ground is just plain concrete in this lower section and gets little to no sunshine at all. 1) it's north facing, 2) it's in Wales.

Above the dining room window there's a pulley thing, I assume that's for a clothes line.

Standing at the top of the steps up to the main garden this is the view to the right with our bathroom roof in the front of the picture and our two neighbour's the one side.

And this is the view of our neighbours the other side. The house at the end is posh and has a double storey extension. :)

So there we go, a nice traditional Welsh stone wall. I challenge you to post a more interesting wall blog post....go on, I dare you :) Come back and let me have the link if you do!

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  1. Love it!! And believe it or not, stone walls was one of my very first Cranberry Morning posts! I think they're beautiful. :-)

  2. I love your stone wall. Me and hubby spent a week in Wales on our honeymoon and have very fond memories of the place.

  3. Unfortunately we don't have any stone walls here, but we do have 3 *lovely* fallen down dead trees and a giant brier patch in a swamp. We don't get any sun though either :/ At least your wall is good for photographs!

  4. Mine is a brick wall. If that didn't rule me out, I could SO beat your post. I've been embroiled in a feud with the neighbour over that wall for 5 years now! Actually, that reminds me, think I might send him a nasty text now...

  5. I love those stone walls. I won't complain ever again about neighbours being close... do you hear a lot of noise or do those stone walls block the noise?
    Not tempted to put a potty near the bed for middle of the cold nights?

  6. ok. I complain about not having good lighting in my house, but I don't have stone walls in front of my windows, so I won't complain anymore. although I do love those traditional stone wall, I wouldn't want to look at it while doing the washing up.


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