Secret Tote Swap


Hello friends! I'm here today to show you what I received in the secret tote swap.

I completely wasn't focussed on the swap as I was ready to take some shortcakes up to church and then ratatatat on my door and hurrah, it was here!

Look at this fabulous package I received!!

My partner was Danielle at Sparrow Wings and you can read more about my tote over at her blog.

She sent me tea, coffee and chocolates. They're in the shape of hedgehogs and leaves and have a praline sort of taste to them. Or at least they did, they're long gone now!

Danielle is also a member of her local modern quilt guild and sent me a badge for that too.

Danielle wrote me a lovely long letter about what she'd sent and why on such pretty writing paper! I love that she used a pink pen!

I'm not sure which side I like best, I love both sides! I asked for pink and girly, but I'm so glad that she chose to do this blue back side...I kinda like paisley.

Look what's inside...Danielle put a bit of the paisley on the inside pocket for me too!

The day it arrived it was pressed into service helping me cart desserts up to the church, thanks Dani!

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  1. That's lovely and very you! Really must catch up.on my blogs I keep missing these swaps :-(

  2. cute bag and definitely you.

  3. I know I'm supposed to be focusing on the tote, but all I can see is the chocolate. lol


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