What I wore Sunday: A day of two outfits


We're still having our heatwave, Saturday it reached a whopping (for us) 31 degrees C!! That's 87 to y'all.

I bought some new clothes this week, 2 maxi dresses and 1 maxi skirt. Then had to cut 3 inches off the bottom of each and re hem them. Yesterday I wore one of my new shortened maxi dresses. I could have worn a cardi with it, but I'm saving that for when I feel like my new clothes are boring and I need to change them up a bit. I also wore contacts, but I took them out after lunch when I could feel myself nodding off!

Dus said something funny (can't remember what) which is why I look like a goof-ball!

Then for the evening I proceeded to put on some board shorts and a vest top, pick up my bucket full of sponges ready for a water fight at our friends' house. I kinda forgot to bring a spare change of clothes...oops! If it helps, Dus didn't have any spare clothes either!

Still, we all had fun and those that didn't want to get wet shouldn't have gone into the wet zone. (I'm looking at you Helen ;) )

I wish we had a bigger garden at home for playing in water when it's too hot, but Dus is a better aim then me so I might as well just tip a bucket over myself and have done!

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  1. Love that maxi-dress, though I'm so short I can't pull them off at all! And such a cute smile :)

  2. That maxi dress is really nice and suits you. I can hardly believe you're having those kind of temperatures in Wales. Make the most of it while you can.

  3. That dress looks lovely on you, very fun. I just hope you'll be able to get a little use out of it before your arctic temperatures return! ;-)

  4. Ahhh...that is just such a nice, comfortable temperature! :) Love that maxi-dress...it really does suit you and looks great on you....(goof-ball and all! LOLLLLLL) I can't wear dresses....It makes me look like a short round goof-ball ....ALL of the time.....well...maybe I look like that in my pants too BUT at least I feel more at home in them! LOLL
    ChrisW Designs

  5. 31 - hot for your parts... average for mine. At least you are dressed for the weather. You look beautiful and that dress looks great.


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