What I wore Sunday


Our heatwave has well and truly broken and today I'm sitting in thermal socks, jeans and a long sleeve t shirt wondering whether to go get a jumper!

Yesterday I wore jeans, vest top and a polyester silk (faux silk!) blouse with some brown wedges. I was a bit too warm in church but was definitely not too warm walking to and fro!

Here I am sitting on my new sewing counter top that Dus spent the day putting together. He likes to make sure things are properly built and takes his time so I've no hesitation on hopping up!

I spent the day baking some nice treats for church, they went down....well, a treat!

I wasn't sure on the colour of this blouse, it's a bit more peachy mustard than shown but I got loads of compliments! Evidently this Dorothy Perkins (via ebay) blouse does suit me! Hurrah!

Did you manage to catch my interview last week over on Christine's blog Chris W designs? I was her featured designer and it made me blush to read the compliments, thank you! Christine sent me a massive list of questions, but given my propensity to waffle I decided I'd better stick to just a few! If you're a designer or maker and want to have a go at answering Christine's interview, pop over and let her know!

I've been a bit slack blogging lately, I'm too excited about upcoming projects that I just can't help but whizz ahead! I'll try to be a bit better this week, sorry! x

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  1. Too cute!! Especially love that first shot of you. And it was 48 degrees here yesterday morning. I thought I was going to freeze!

  2. Sorry your summer is over, but maybe it'll come back in a week or two. :/
    Those sure are some cute shoes though!

  3. It got cold here too! Either it's raining, too hot and now cold.. wierd summer for us.

    I read your interview.. fun to get some insight into your mind!

  4. You look lovely, as always. The pic of you on the bench is a good one. Such cute shoes.
    A shout out to Dus for his handy work on the sewing bench.
    It really struck me again about how different our buildings are between the two countries. We would have been too hot walking to and from church and more comfortable inside the building on a warm day. And on a cool day, we would be ok outside if it was a clear winter day and inside most churches it is cold, so we would have another layer draped over the arm for inside wear. Of course if it was cold and windy, we would just be cold no matter what.

  5. You look lovely no matter what you wear and I too love the shoes. Congratulations on the feature, I don't mind you waffling on. LOLL

  6. I was away and just saw your interview on Chris W blog! It was fabulous! And such a neat thing to be featured!!
    You greatly understate your designing skills!!
    I just love your patterns!

    one of your biggest fans.....


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