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Despite my cries of anguish and resolute head burying in the sand, Google reader went away. Meanies. I was already signed up to Bloglovin' from a year or so ago and it's ok, it does the trick but there are a few features I miss. Anyway, rather than dwelling on what was, I thought I'd talk about a few things that might be helpful if you're finding your way through the murky world of no Google reader. Just about a month too late.

I'm good like that.

So, firstly, say you were like me and buried your head in the sand and refused to believe that Reader was going away. (p.s. It's all Nicole's husband's fault, he should have gone on strike) Do not fear, the blogs you followed haven't disappeared despite all of those warnings that you can't export your data, yadda yadda. Just log into your blogger account and tadaaaa, there they all are at the bottom.

Yes, I am nearly on 110k views, maybe I should do something to celebrate?
So, there they all are in your reading list. I suspect some are not, maybe the ones without GFC? I'm not sure, but at least some are rescued from your head in the sand behaviour!

Ok, secondly, just supposing you have swallowed your disgust at the spelling of Bloglovin' and you don't mind how slow it is loading the pages when a lot of people are online. How do you add a new blog to your reading list if people don't have a button on their blog?

Take a copy of their blog address then sign in to your Bloglovin' account. (My editor is constantly redlining Bloglovin'. See, it must be spelt wrong!)

Anyway, just type the blog address into the top box on the right, the green arrow below.

As you can see by the red arrow, I've also used the 'manage blogs I follow' option and sorted most of my blogs into categories. Some of the newer ones I've just added rather than sorted so I could do with organising them too. It's helpful because when you log on then, you can choose just to read sewing blogs, or funny blogs.

Finally, my yellow arrow points to my browser app that I've downloaded to help me keep up to date on when there are new blogs to be read. I use Chromium which is basically Chrome but for linux. Yes, I'm a geek and don't have windows or iOS, I have ubuntu.

Ok, so what I did was when I was on my bloglovin' page I clicked the small star in the address box. This brought up the option to make a bookmark either on the bookmark bar or other bookmarks. By having it on my bookmarks bar it brings up a little (8) showing that I have 8 posts theory. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it's a nice extra to have.

Right, so now you've gotten to the end of this post and you're still disgusted at the spelling of bloglovin', can't believe google really got rid of reader and you're looking for some relief.

I present to you, blogs that make me snort.

I would like to clarify that I mean snort as in laugh, not snort as in behave like a pig. Those would be blogs that make me eat. 

Let's start with a lady who's dress sense I fully approve, and in fact, am rather jealous of! 

Divine Secrets of a domestic Diva
This is the lady who taught me that if I ever find myself in a potentially life threatening tornado situation, a bright unitard is ALWAYS the answer. Read all about how to prepare for a hurricane here. 

Secondly, the woman we need to have sat next to us while browsing pinterest. The Pintester. Sonja takes seemingly great pins and tests them to the limits. Then blogs about the results. She's definitely one to check out! (Unless you're sensitive about bad language, in which case read with your beeper ready!)

Thirdly is a man I'm sure many of you are familiar with, Mr 'So I married a craft blogger'. Whilst I've long tired of his wife's endless cycle of kid friendly crafts, t shirt refashions and ways to re-use a pallet, I love reading her husband's blog because so much of it rings true. I can only wonder at what Dusband's blog would read like...or in fact many of our husbands'!

Fourthly is a 'mom blogger'. Oh my, what a mom! In fact, let's not even talk about the mom blogger herself, let's talk about her mother! I am of course talking about Anna at 'My life and kids'. She who's mother may possibly have been on drugs. She never got to go to Disney land but every post is guaranteed to make me snort! I always make sure to check back on the comments because her mother is hilarious!! Start here with her most popular posts.

And finally (although there are many more I follow, this post is just getting a bit long now),

Cloudy with a chance of wine. Look at her blog header, seriously, how can you not read this blog?

Some of my favourite posts include 10 things I wish I knew before I became a parent, and why I stopped drinking at work events.

There are many, many more!

That should keep you busy for a while filling up that little bloglovin' account!

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  1. I never had Google Reader, but before it went away, I signed up for Feedly. ( I love it. All the blogs I follow on GFC were automaticaly copied into Feedly and everything is in a list, so it's easy to scan. Check it out. Makes life simple. (r)

  2. Complete side-note: I was driving down the freeway yesterday and saw a car with license plate that said "UBUNTUU". Sped up a little to check out the driver...not sure if it was the inventor (founder?), but considering the plate wasn't attached to a Tesla or Lotus, the guy was probably just a big fan of the OS!

    This is my new favorite website/time waster:

  3. I did not realize that you could sort blogs out into your own categories, so that's definitely good to know. I'm really irritated by the spelling of Bloglovin', too! My computer redlines it, too. If you going to go to all the effort of typing the ' character at the end, why not just put the g there....?

  4. Bloglovin' is annoying. I took one look and went over to Feedly. It imported all my blogs without me doing anything. It did lose one or two, but I've found them again and any others it lost and I haven't realised clearly are no loss!

    my husband's blog "so I married a craft blogger" would consist of "what? she makes stuff? does she? I hadn't noticed..."


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