10 Quick DIY Christmas gifts ideas


Only a couple weeks left until Christmas! We know from our conversations on the Mrs H Facebook Page that many of you start planning and sewing Christmas gifts early in the year to give yourself enough time to make something unique instead of buying a ready-made gift.

Just in case you're in need of some quick, easy to make gifts, here's a list of 10 quick project ideas you can make in a couple of hours!

1. Make a fun card or poster

You could sew it up as a small quilt or take a photo of something you've made before and use an easy to use an online photo editor like Picmonkey to add a fun quote or an inspirational saying. Bonus points if you have the time to make a doll of an artist, musician or a role model your loved one is inspired by. 


Photo by Happy_Serendipity shared with CC BY SA 2.0

2. Make a reversible headband

These reversible headbands are great for toddlers, teenagers and anyone in your family who likes a fun print and a practical hair accessory. You could design one side of the headband in a solid fabric and keep the second side for a crazy print. .

Photo by Ellen Davis shared with CC BY SA 2.0

3. Sew a fun colourful skirt

Pick a few fabrics from the same colour palette and mix and match to make a fun skirt. You could use the same technique for one of your favourite bag patterns - the mix of fabrics will make the bag look completely different.

Image by Kelly shared with CC BY SA 2.0

4. Customise a store-bought piece of clothing

Sometimes, all you have is 30 minutes to turn something from “so-so” to “awesome”. These funky trousers wouldn’t be the same without the contrasting hem. You don’t need to stick to customising trousers: you can do the same for a long sleeve t-shirt or a skirt.

Photo by Kelly shared with CC BY SA 2.0

5. Sew an unique skirt

A basic A-shaped skirt flatters almost everyone. Use the prettiest fabric in your stash to make this as a gift or create a skirt-making kit and include a pattern, some thread and needles.

Photo by Melizza shared with CC BY SA 2.0

6. Whip up a crayon holder

If you have a master artist in the family, make it easier for them to carry their crayons, paints or pencils by making a neat roll-up holder like the one pictured below.

Photo by Kelly shared with CC BY SA 2.0

7. Create a custom portrait doll

Start by drawing a simplified portrait of the person you're making the doll from. Add seam allowances and trace your pattern to a light coloured fabric. Sew the doll body, then embroider a happy face.

Photo by Sarah Joy shared with CC BY SA 2.0

8. Sew a soft toy adventure set

Use fabric scraps to sew a group of stuffed animals and object for play. You can have a dinosaur theme like the one below, a cooking theme, a doctor theme, etc.

Photo by Kelly shared with CC BY SA 2.0

9 Make a a mini-quilt

Create a neat art hanging by matching fabric sharing the same colour palette. Or make a pillow. Cover a notebook. Make a tea-towel. The options are endless

Photo by Happy_Serendipity shared with CC BY SA 2.0

10. Make an elegant lavender pouch

The fine embroidery on a delicate fabric, which serves as a pouch cover for a lace lavender pouch makes an elegant gift that only makes a few minutes to make (especially if you've already embroidered the lavender flowers).

Photo by Iris shared with CC BY SA 2.0

What about you? What were the most successful gifts you've ever made?

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  1. All lovely things!! I love the crayon holder! What a great idea!

  2. I love all of these ideas. We strive for meaningful gifts at our house. Ones that will matter and make you smile. I think handmade is one way to achieve this. Thank you for these suggestions.


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