The Nappy Bag Sew Along/s


Hi lovelies,

I've something so exciting to share with you today!

There are two sew alongs starting for my pattern The Nappy Bag! They're both starting 1st May and the posts will be on my blog here. The two sew alongs are running in Facebook groups, and I'd love you to join us!

A sew along is a great way to make a bag that you're not sure whether you're able to tackle on your own, or one that you know you are able to make, but would appreciate some company...oh and you want to win some prizes!

One is running in the Bag makers question and answer forum Bobbin Girl's Sewing Bee, and the other is a group that's come from the facebook group Sewing tote bags and purses and is called The Nappy bag - Sew along with Mrs H.
Interior of Barbara's Travel bag, adapted from The Nappy Bag
There'll be two separate prize pots so two chances to win! You're very welcome to join either or both for some great ongoing chats, advice (usually all hours of the day due to the beauty of different time zones), and inspiration.

Bobbin Girl's Sewing Bee is a smaller group, still 330 members though, very encouraging and great for really getting to chat. I've laughed and chatted away in this group very comfortably!

Sewing tote bags and purses is a larger group, international of course, and excellent if you need lots of advice very quickly. With over 14,000 members it can get busy, but it's very good for the ego when you post a photo of a new bag and immediately get 20 likes!

Simone's bag
We'll be starting to gather our supplies over the next couple of weeks ready to start properly on 1st May. You can take your time, work at your own pace and not feel rushed.

There'll be posts each week of the next steps and I'll talk you through all sorts of tips and tricks, tools to make life easier, and how to customise the nappy bag to your own needs.
Liz's travel themed overnight bag
If you haven't already got a copy of The Nappy Bag Sewing pattern (aka the diaper bag, the travel bag, the junk carrier's handbag) then please feel free to purchase it to get ready. You can find it in my Etsy store, just use the discount code SEWALONG15 for your 15% discount. The code can be used on multiple patterns as long as you've got The Nappy Bag amongst your purchase, so if you wanted a bundle or a couple of patterns, you can use it for those too.

We'll have an end date of 15th June, which gives us plenty of time. Alison from Bobbin Girl reminded me there's two bank holidays in May! You don't need to have finished by that date, but if you have then you can be entered into the competition to win the prizes (TBA).

Check in later in the week for a list of supplies, where to find them and my unusual suggestion of a starting point! I'm looking forwards to sewing with you!

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  1. Thanks, Samantha. Looking forward to this.

  2. You and your followers are all so talented!! I can't wait to see photos!

  3. I need a nappy bag for my grandson. And Samantha's patterns rock!

  4. Hi Samantha, I have two Grandchildren whose little friends mothers are all in the family way, or I know girls who are. Your Nappy Bag will be a great asset to those of my friends who want to use it for presents, and I have just the fabrics in my stash to use for them. I have made other purses from your patterns and they are so easy to follow.
    3 mins


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