Handmade by You ~ Summer '15


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Hi lovelies,

I've been cruising the Flickr Group again! I thought I'd pick out some pretties for us to be inspired by for us today.

Check out this fun dinosaur Bookbag Backpack made by Susan Hewitt.

 You can buy Susan's bags on Etsy.
Laura's been making Gentleman's Wallets from Kraft-tex. I love how she was able to stamp the outer, and get that awesome texture!

Nic's been making a Nappy Bag out of oilcloth, it's incredible!

Check out these super neat inside seams, well done Nic!

Teresa's made a Nappy bag too, I can't get over her piping! She's combined fabrics so well, I always struggle with matching mine, she's matched these perfectly.

And finally, Judith has been making Gentleman's Wallets too! Such precision sewing!

If you'd like to share your own makes from my patterns with us too, pop over and join our Facebook group! 

Can't wait to see what you make!

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