Things to do, do to things.


Ok, it's been a busy week for me so far so I thought I'd share with you my to do list. I love lists. This one below is compiled from my list notebook for the whole week.

1) Write list Done
2) Check off first list item Done
3) Reward myself with a chocolate bar for completing the first two items Done, I'm good at this!
4) Put up Watch Dus putting up Christmas tree Urgh, done
5) Host Sunday roast for 7 Yes, rather sucessfully I thought!
6) Do three loads of laundry Third load is in now
7) Buy and prepare 47 favours for church Christmas dinner Bought and half finished
8) Make 10litres of soup for church Christmas dinner Done!
9) Prepare 7kg of roast potatoes for church Christmas dinner Halfway there.

10) Buy new shoes Done (Tweed converse for the win!)

His, he likes bright shoes!

11) Buy Dus some new shoes! Done
12) Prepare games for youth group Done, although they were such good games the youth went a bit crazy!
13) Go to kidz club Christmas party to help Done, even though it was torture!
14) Host a Settler's of Catan evening to gain valuable practise before trying to beat my brother in law at Christmas time Didn't win, but I'm better practised
15) Register Dus for the Nos Galan 5k this year Done, you can sponsor him here: Dus' Just Giving Page unless you're outside of the UK. If you're near us here in South Wales, send me a message, we're having an after race party on New Year's Eve. 
16) Write to HMRC and ask why they are being so slow authorising our agent Done, doubt it'll help them get a wiggle on though!
17) Write Christmas cards Surprisingly yes!
18) Send Christmas cards Unsurprisingly no!
19) Clean! Pfft, it depends on your personal view of when something is clean and whether you mean the whole house all at the same time....
20) Prepare stuff for craft fair on Saturday Not yet, it's on today's list
21) Wrap all Christmas presents in the world (for our friends and family) Mostly
22) Create and write up secret project for submission to Fabricate magazine for their consideration Yes, done. You can see more about this magazine here: Fabricate Magazine UK  You can donate towards the start up from 65p or you can pre-order the first issue for a few quid. If they don't get the funds they won't set up and I won't get my article in the mag :( 
23) View 10 houses to buy Nearly, two more today.
24) Prepare invoices and accounts for the business Mostly, there's one I keep forgetting though!
25) Blog a few times Achieved, how long I can keep this up for who knows!
26) Pay in cheques at bank (really, who uses cheques these days!!!!) Done yesterday then another arrived again today!
27) Go food shopping Nope, we both hate food shopping so we wait til we're really desperate!
28) Ask Dus why he's written wonderlist under my list for today Dus says it's something he needed to look at when he was on a video call on my laptop yesterday....I thought it was a joke! I'm not sure why he wrote it halfway down the page
29) Research the cost of replacing a boiler £1000 - £3000 depending on the location, age of the old one and state of the plumbing. 
30) Put away clean laundry day.....

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a million and one small jobs and about two million big jobs to get done between now and Christmas? Actually, mine are all between now and next Wednesday 20th. This time next week I'll be relaxing with a nice glass of sherry with the in-laws. Even though it's only lunchtime....

p.s. if you've not ticked to show your email address I can't reply to you when you comment..just in case you're wondering why I never reply :)

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  1. Boy, can I identify with #19. Does anyone ever actually have the whole house clean at once??? Oh yeah, my daughter does. But then she is spartan and organized. Some stray gene.

  2. Oooh you're a busy bee! Those new shoes are awesome...and I don't envy you with having to peel so many potatoes, blimey!

  3. your lists look a lot like mine... and equally as crazy! love the connies btw.


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