What I wore: Snow measuring edition


We don't cope well with snow here in the UK. We abandon work and school, we can't get our cars out, we panic buy (not me of course, silly people) and generally turn facebook into the weather channel.

A couple of years ago I was getting a bit fed up of wild claims about how many inches of snow there were so I decided to instigate a rule that I wouldn't believe someone's inch claim unless they had measured it. My friends rose to the challenge valiantly with my hairdresser measuring the flat, the trampoline and the drifts, my disabled friend measuring outside the back door (the only place she could get to bless her) and my mother pioneering her way to the end of the garden where the snow was deepest.

Not to be outdone, I donned my wellys and ski jacket (no, I've never been skiing, thanks for asking) on top of my jammies and dressing gown and headed up the garden with my metal ruler. The section of our garden just outside the backdoor is very sheltered and doesn't have any snow settle there really, hence the need for this extreme weather protection to climb the steps to the flat of our garden to measure the depth there.

Many thanks to Dusband for catching my just woke up face ready to go measure!

At it's deepest ours was 7" on the flat and level. I didn't bother measuring the drifts, they're not accurate to anything.

Please tell me you all do this in countries where you get snow regularly?

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  1. No Samantha. Noone does that.

    I know, I live in England, not really a snow-recieving country, but two years in Poland (4 months of daily snow a year) qualifies me to answer.

    No, noone else anywhere measures the snow.


  2. I live in Canada, my experienced eye says that doesn't look like 7". You need to go out and measure again. :)

  3. LOL. Yeah, we get out the measuring stick once it gets to 2-3 feet. :-)

  4. Yes I have actually done this, but the measuring is usually left to the super excited children (not at all accurate), or retired grandparents with nothing better to do. Although, if you live somewhere that regularly get lots of snow, you just have a yardstick that stays out in the yard. That way you can peak out the window. Much easier. ;D

    Sadly we haven't had any snow last long enough this year to be measured. Every flake we have seen seems to melt within the day. So jealous...

  5. You are too funny!
    Here in Pennsylvania...we don't wear our jammies out... if you have to shovel, it would be way too cold!!

    And we sometimes have to use the yard stick... not this year so far.


  6. I used to live in Pennsylvania and my brothers and I always got excited about measuring the snow. In fact, I just got a picture of them measuring it a few months ago over Christmas. The novelty of a good snow hasn't worn off yet. :)


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